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Seriously, you spent £9 million on that?

Government EU Leaflet 2016

Like many others this week, I received one of these through the door.

Having read it I’m not entirely sure what I was supposed to make of it. The emphasis seemed to be on repeating the message that we are better in and imploring me to vote ‘in’ because the Government says it’s better than the alternative.

Now I’m not sure about you, but after a few years on the planet, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that people in power and authority generally tell you what they want you to do because it suits their ends and purposes rather than mine or yours.

Typically I get told by Utilities companies that I’m actually onto a good thing when they send me a letter advising me they are charging more, again this year, for the same or a reduced service. Paypal and eBay regularly send me emails telling me that I can either accept their new terms and conditions or close my account.

Faced with this sort of ‘choice’ on a regular basis I guess I’ve become a bit jaded. It seems to me that choice is more of an illusion these days than an actual option.

Well, June 23rd could well be something a bit different. We do get to decide on whether we continue in the EU or come out.

Sadly, to date, neither faction seems to have produced a coherent argument one way or the other. Both seem full of vacuous promises, claims and counter claims and very little hard fact. Those facts we are presented with seem to crumble under careful scrutiny.

The key question it seems to me is, if we were voting to join the EU as it currently stands, would we think it is a good idea?

And as to the £9 million on producing this leaflet, personally, I think it could have been put to much better use. But what do I know….

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