Chartered Marketer and Specialist SEO Consultant

Are you at your wits end with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your business?

If the technical jargon, undecipherable reports, and endless search engine updates have left you feeling more bewildered than in control of your digital marketing efforts, I understand.

I came at SEO from a different angle to most; I came via the marketing route.

Most SEO’s I know have all worked their way up through the coding and site building route, and many of them have incredible ninja-like skills.

Technically, they are wizards and leave me in awe.

So, what are these technical SEO experts missing?

Well, I figured out my ‘3 Rules of Google’ early on in my career and realised the one thing that could set me apart from these tech-savvy wizards.

I figured out that people, not machines are at the heart of good SEO.

Quite simply, machines NEVER buy the goods or services you are selling; people do.

This is the reason business owners invite me to assess their digital marketing efforts, ask me to return on a regular basis, and see real results.

This sounds too obvious, right? Wrong.

These coding wizards are, technically, magnificent at getting traffic to websites and they are SEO experts, but they don’t know how to sell.

Professional and sustainable SEO is all about getting the technical bits right, but equally important is making sure that your site engages with your audience.

This is where sales and marketing can work its magic.

The history of advertising is littered with examples of brands that spent a fortune on marketing only to find that people didn’t want what they were offering.

Good SEO, therefore, combines the best technical know-how with an in-depth understanding of the human psyche.

Effective SEO is sales and marketing combined with code and design, and when it all comes together the results can be spectacular.

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Keen to dispel the belief that SEO is a ‘dark art’ and support businesses with their SEO, I’ve even put my thoughts to paper in Search Never Sleeps as well as a wide range of helpful blogs.

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